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Upper DEC Dragon PLUS Program

NEW!!!! Afterschool Program!

The Dragon Empowerment Center is excited to announce the new afterschool program available to Lakeside High School students! Made possible through a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, submitted in partnership with the Ashtabula Area City Schools. The program will be starting this October! APPLY NOW!

What's with the name?

The Dragon Empowerment Center serves the entire District. Although we are "headquartered" at the Wade Elementary Campus, we also serve the High School and Junior High School; which we refer to as "The Upper DEC". The Dragon part is easy; Lakeside is Dragon Nation! And the "PLUS", well, that is designed to mean "More".

More of the things you need to stay on track to graduate, more ways to determine what your life beyond high school looks like, and more ways learn and grow into your "Best You!" Oh, and all in a fun environment!

Bottom line, additional assistance to help you be as successful as you can be.

Am I eligible?

The Dragon PLUS Afterschool Program is open to any student at Lakeside High School (grades 9-12). 

Ideally, we are here to help students who...

  • might be struggling with a subject or subjects,
  • students who are worried abut making it to graduation,
  • students who are looking for additional help to make their school assignments more understandable,
  • students seeking a way to spend time afterschool with others in a positive environment, and 
  • students who are looking for the opportunity to learn in different ways.

How do I sign up?

Click the button above and complete the application. Or get a paper copy from the school office. Once completed you can mail it to: DEC-Dragon PLUS, PO Box 2610, Ashtabula, OH 44005-2610 or return it to the school office.

For questions text 440-813-4613 or email

Is there any cost?

No, the program is supported by a grant and is FREE for the students to attend.

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