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About Us

Board & Staff


Alissa Holdson, Executive Director 440-997-5957

Renee Sherman, Director of Fiscal Services 440-997-5957

Department Directors:

  • Diana Brook, Director of Health & Nutrition Services 440-990-1778
  • Robinlyn Vogel, Director of Youth Services  440-997-5957
  • Samantha Dragon, Director of Senior and Community Services 440-990-1719
  • Dino Mauri, Director of Information Technology  440-997-5957
  • Marlo Millard, Director of Housing & Energy Services  440-997-5957
  • Andrea Rosipko, Director of Head Start  440-993-7716


Board of Directors

The Ashtabula County Community Action Agency’s Board of Directors meets monthly with the exception of July recess, on the third Thursday at 1:30 pm. The Board of Directors, reflecting its nature as a community-based organization and the Agency's mission, is composed of fifteen (15) members. One third of the members represent public officials, one third are representatives of the private sector, and one third are representatives of the low-income sector. The board members are elected to serve and ensure the organization is properly managed and effectively delivering programs to low-income residents in Ashtabula County.


Ms. Jill Valentic--- Ashtabula County Community Housing Development Organization, Inc Liaison

Ms. Lori Pawlowski--- Ashtabula County Medical Center

Pastor Preston Watkins--- Ashtabula Area Ministerial Alliance

Ms. Lori Lee--- Kent State University-Ashtabula

Mr. Greg Myers--- Growth Partnership of Ashtabula County


Ms. Ella Stanton--- Appointee- Geneva City Manager

Ms. Annette Griffin--- Appointee- County Commissioner, J.P. Ducro

Ms. Sarah Bogardus--- Appointee, County Commissioner- Casey Kozlowski

Ms. Renee Howell, Secretary--- Appointee- County Commissioner, Kathryn Whittington

Dr. Debra Barrickman, Vice-Chairperson--- Ashtabula Area City School Board


Ms. Lauren Richter--- Head Start Policy Council

Ms. Tania Burnett--- Ashtabula County Chidlrens Services Board

Mr. Ron Loos, Chairperson--- Seniors of Ashtabula County

Ms. Janis Dorsten, Treasurer--- Ashtabula County Board of Realtors- Low-Income Housing

Mr. Drew Thomas

Advisory Council(s)

The Head Start and Early Head Start Policy Council is comprised of parents and members of the community who help lead and make decisions about the program(s). Policy Council members are elected by enrolled parents and serve for one year terms.

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