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At Ashtabula County Community Action, our mission is to provide the services families need during critical situations and also to create opportunities to prevent future emergencies. With a variety of programs available, Community Action aims to keep you safe while working with you to develop long-term solutions on your path to self-sufficiency.

What’s next?

Each of our programs have different enrollment and participation requirements. They all start with an application or assessment; for some programs this must be done in-person and for others this process can be started by mail or online. Details for each are located on our specific program pages.  Or to learn more just dial 211.

What happens at the appointment?

Each appointment will vary depending on the program but in general during your appointment, a case manager will review your documents and work with you to determine eligibility for programs that can assist you. If there is something you need that is not available through the specific program, referrals will be made to 211 to connect you with possible resources. To ensure our case managers can effectively assist you, be sure to bring all the documents available. If documents are not available, we will try to assist you in gathering them, though it will cause delays in processing your applications.

What documents do I need?

Each program requires specific documents and information, however almost all require the documents listed below. Additional documentation may be required. 

  • Identification- either a valid Driver's License or Ohio ID
  • A list of all household members and their birthdates
  • Social Security numbers for all household members
  • All household income documentation (paystubs, award letters, etc.) from the past 30 days, 90 days, and 12 months (specific programs require proof of income from various time periods)
  • Account numbers (gas, electric, water, etc.) 

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